Peer Review this essay posted below in a different color

  • Comment on at least ONE STRENGTH, using specific detail.
  • Choose to comment on at least FOUR of the five key topic areas.
    • For EACH of the four key topic areas you’ve selected, provide at least ONE significant and detailed suggestion for improvement OR significant and detailed alternative suggestion (another way they mightapproach a particular area).
    • Five Key Topic AreasMain Claim:
      • Is the main claim arguable? (Would some disagree with it? Is it sufficiently clear and focused?)


      • Do the subclaims fully support the main claim? Are all key aspects of the main claim addressed by the subclaims?
      • Are each of the subclaims, clear and complete statements?
      • Are each of the subclaims arguable, meaning they require evidence and reasoning to defend them?
      • Do the subclaims logically support the main claim? (A test: Read only the main claim and subclaims and see if a complete and logical argument is represented.)


      • Does the introduction begin with an engaging opener?
      • Does the introduction provide necessary context?
      • Does the introduction logically lead to the main claim, providing necessary information so the reader can understand the main claim and why it’s important?

      Essential Skills for Academic Essays: Embedding Quotations, Paraphrases, and Summaries

      • Are the ideas of the sources portrayed accurately?
      • Are accurate in-text citations used?
      • Are signal phrases used for all quotations?
      • Are all quotations explained?
      • Do signal phrases flow grammatically with the rest of the sentence?
      • Is unnecessary information left in quotations that should be edited out?
      • Are quotations unnecessarily long?

      Essential Skills for Academic Essays: Other Elements

      • Are key authors introduced with appropriate and necessary information (without being too lengthy)?
      • Are the first and last names of authors used the first time they are referenced in the essay and only their last names thereafter?
      • Does the counterargument address a concern a reader is likely to have?
      • Does the rebuttal respond logically and convincingly to this counterargument?
      • Do you spot any logical fallacies that the author doesn’t address?
      • Have all instances of “you” been eliminated from the essay?
      • Are there areas where the meaning is unclear due to grammatical or mechanical errors?
      • Are commas and periods placed inside of quotation marks when they are next to each other?
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