I need a .doc outline for a elementary school open house presentation based on the following criteria. This is an outline for a powerpoint presentation that I will create for open house at my school. The outline should be about 450-500 words. (An open house is where parents and students come to the childs school and learn about the teacher, school, student expectations, etc)


Alignment: Engaging Parents


It is recommended that all teachers plan a short PowerPoint presentation. While we recommend the presentation be incorporated into your open house strategy, it should not dominate the evening. Too often teachers rely on the presentation as their primary activity. Unfortunately, many open house presentations tend to be factual, reflective of the speech, and show little creativity. Remember, this is your time to shine! Don’t build a wall between you and your parents with an ill-prepared PowerPoint presentation.

Consider the following when developing the presentation:

Plan your presentation and what you will say to parents beforehand. Be sure you share something about yourself (where you grew up, your education, your family, your educational philosophy) as well as some of your goals for the year.
Your presentation should be no longer than seven to ten minutes—tops! If your presentation is longer than ten minutes, it will definitely fall on deaf ears.
Make your presentation interesting. If you read the slides to your parents, there really is no reason for the presentation. The presentation should provide just the overview of what you are saying.
Your presentation needs to look and feel professional. Too many colors, changing graphics, and flying text distract from the information presented. Tell your audience a story.
Add a looping component to the presentation. At the end of the presentation, have student pictures rotate on the overhead for parents to watch.
Cover these topics: daily schedule, homework policy and plan, grading, classroom rules or discipline policy, remedial assistance, high-stakes testing requirements, special programs, report cards, field trips, reading programs, extracurricular activities, fund-raisers, and engagement opportunities.

Develop Your Presentation

After you’ve developed the PowerPoint presentation or a presentation outline, use the submission link below to paste your work describing the presentation and why you developed it the way you did. You will not be able to upload the presentation itself, but you will be able to provide the outline


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