1.  Ronald directs his clients toward solutions instead of encouraging them to seek alternatives for themselves. He is likely to have a strong need:

2. Obtaining consultation is important because:

3. Empathy fatigue is common in professionals who:

4. Some sources of counselor stress include all of the following EXCEPT:

5. An ethical issue arises when:

6. Which of the following therapist behaviors might be indicative of a countertransference reaction?

7. Which of the following statements is true with regard to ethical codes?

8. When practitioners weigh multiple and often competing demands and goals, they must use:

9. The authors state that, in many ways, therapeutic encounters serve as mirrors in which therapists can see their own lives reflected. As a result:

10. The first essential step towards ethical decision making is:

11. Reporting requirements in codes:

12. An ethical obligation that provides a major link between ethics and self-care is:

13. Therapists who work with violent and suicidal clients:

14. In an attempt to convince her young client to practice safe sex, Valerie fabricated her own statistics and facts about the hazards of unprotected sex. In this instance, Valerie violated the principle of:

15. Robert runs into the office, unprepared and frustrated because he is late for his weekly appointment with his first client of the day. He is consistently late for his appointments. His behavior is:

16. Practitioners can help expand their awareness and clarify their values in dealing with the challenges of their work through:

17. The counselor who asks the questions “Am I doing what is best for my client?” rather than “Is this situation unethical?” is functioning from which of the following ethical perspectives?

18. Autonomy refers to:

19. When practitioners devote a portion of their professional time and skills to services for which there is no expectation of significant financial return, they are:

20. Joanne finds herself wanting to solve her client’s problems, which are similar to the issues her daughter is going through. Joanne gives advice and feels frustrated when her client won’t follow through on her suggestions. Her emotional reactions to her client, which involve her own projections, is based on:

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