Submit a Work proposal within 24 Hours that must include the following:

– Understanding of deliverable’s

– A detail description of deliverable’s General overview

– Initial understanding of solution.

– Work plan

– References


Network security and reliability has been considered one of the challenges for IT professionals. As network administrator and security manager you need to differentiate the security requirements for both LAN and WAN. As network administrator analyze the following:

a. Analyze security requirements of WAN and LAN and differentiate the security needs of Wide Area Networks from that of Local Area Networks.

b. Identify the threats in Wide Area Networks and Local Area Networks and suggest at least one countermeasure for each of the threats provided for WAN’s and LAN’s

c. Support your analysis by selecting one research paper which cover one of the threats and proposed solution. analyze the research article in one page starting with the article name.

** In-text Citations and References Using CU Harvard Style.

** Total Word Count = 10 Pages Only.

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