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ECED 2070 Family and Community Relationship
4.5 Credit Hours

Assignment: Family and Community Relationships Assignment

(Key Assessment #5: 1b, 2a, 2b, 2c, 6a, 6d, 6e)

This Assignment focuses on the following standards:


Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs are grounded in a child development knowledge base. They use their understanding of young children’s characteristics and needs, and of multiple interacting influences on children’s development and learning, to create environments that are healthy, respectful, supportive, and challenging for each child.

Key elements of Standard 1

1b: Knowing and understanding the multiple influences on early development and learning


Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs understand that successful early childhood education depends upon partnerships with children’s families and communities. They know about, understand, and value the importance and complex characteristics of children’s families and communities. They use this understanding to create respectful, reciprocal relationships that support and empower families, and to involve all families in their children’s development and learning.

Key elements of Standard 2

2a: Knowing about and understanding diverse family and community characteristics

2b: Supporting and engaging families and communities through respectful, reciprocal relationships

2c: Involving families and communities in young children’s development and learning


Candidates prepared in early childhood degree programs identify and conduct themselves as members of the early childhood profession. They know and use ethical guidelines and other professional standards related to early childhood practice. They are continuous, collaborative learners who demonstrate knowledgeable, reflective and critical perspectives on their work, making informed decisions that integrate knowledge from a variety of sources. They are informed advocates for sound educational practices and policies.

Key elements of Standard 6

6a: Identifying and involving oneself with the early childhood field

6d: Integrating knowledgeable, reflective, and critical perspectives on early education

6e: Engaging in informed advocacy for young children and the early childhood profession

Section B- Analysis of Family and Community Partnerships

For this assignment, you will need to visit 2 different Early Childhood programs in your community. Please be sure to call and set up a time to visit. DO Not just show up at a center. When you call identify yourself as a Metro Community College Student. Tell them the purpose of your visit and set up a time that is convenient for them. You will want to talk to the director and other staff in order to do a thorough analysis of how the center approach family involvement.

In preparing for the analysis find out how the centers structure different activities that involve families. What is it that they do? What is their way of drawing families in to these activities? What kind of topic/activities do they cover? Why do they chose these activities for families? What is the success rate of the involvement? How do they measure this? What is the feedback from families? How has it impacted the children in the center as well as the relationships between teachers and parents?

When in the centers look for evidence of parent involvement such as a parent board. See if you can take a picture. If not be sure to describe it in your analysis or include a similar picture from the Internet and compare what you saw in the center you visited to the picture you found on the Internet.

These are just a few things to consider. In doing your analysis you should find more than what I listed above to talk about.

When preparing your power point on the 2 different centers, you need to include some basic information on each of them. Use the note section in the power point to be detailed in what is on your slide. Do not over load your slide with a lot of information this is what the notes section is for. Notes section must be completed for each slide with detailed information. Consider this area for what you would be presenting to an audience. Make sure that it is clear and easy to follow. Consider the following:

  •  Name of Center and location
  • Centers philosophy
  • How many children enrolled
  • Ages of children served
  • Number of teachers
  • Culture of the Center

After giving the basic information of the center you then need to do a detailed analysis of how they approach family involvement. See above on what to look for when visiting the centers

The slides are to have brief information/talking points and the note section id for your detailed information on that slide.

Your power point should be visually appealing and engaging. Use graphics and other media to help make your power point engaging.

Be sure to include 2 or more resources that support your analysis. Use APA formatting/style

Download the Power Point template and complete. Submit as an attachment.

  •  Slide 1- Title Slide with your name and course number (ECED 2070)
  • Slide 2- Introduction to content being presented that leads up to importance of family involvement in student success
  • Slide 3- Analysis of Center 1
  • Slide 4- Analysis of Center 2
  • Slide 5- Similarities in how centers approach family involvement, specifically in supporting and engaging in family relationships (NAEYC 2b)
  • Slide 6- Similarities in how centers approach Community involvement, specifically in supporting and engaging in community relationships (NAEYC 2b)
  • Slide 7- Differences in how centers approach family involvement
  • Slide 8- Differences in how centers approach community involvement
  • Slide 9- Your suggestions (supported from literature) of how the two centers could improve family involvement (NAEYC 2c)
  • Slide 10- Your suggestions (supported from literature) of how the two centers could improve Community involvement (NAEYC 2c)
  • Slide 11- Your Conclusion
  • Slide 12- References (in addition, you must add your references related to that slide to the Notes area of that specific PowerPoint slide) For example, in slide 3, you gathered the information of Center 1 from a website, you must cite that website in Slide 3 (notes area) and in the References area.

Additional Requirements

  • APA formatting: Resources and citations are formatted according to APA (7th Edition) style and formatting.
  • Resources: Minimum of two scholarly or professional resources. Please note that popular resources such as Wikipedia or are not considered to be appropriate.
  • Length: 12 or more slides with title slide, introduction, content slides (slides 3-10), conclusion (slide 11) and references slide.
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