This project is called: My Organizational Development (OD) Intervention Project. You may select either a real organization or a hypothetical one. If you use a hypothetical organization, you should write reports as if you are engaged in an actual project. You are required to apply the concepts learned in this course in order to undertake a major change program in either a real or a hypothetical situation. It may be helpful to contact an organizational leader and ask him or her about a possible problem the organization is experiencing. You can use that conversation to frame your organizational selection and your OD efforts in the project. 

Assume the organization for your OD project is facing dramatic challenges for which senior management is asking for your expertise. As an OD professional, you will design and implement an intervention that will help the organization improve productivity, accomplish objectives, and engage employees.


This week:

Select an organization. The organization can be hypothetical or your current organization or any organization you are familiar with. Write a report including the following:

  • 1.Name of your selected organization (you can provide a disguised name of the selected organization). 2.Determine if you will approach the project as an external consultant or an internal employee, and include a summary of key information about the organization.
  • 3.Provide background information on the organization. How many people does it employ? In which industry does it operate? Is it a market leader? What types of products or services does it sell?
  • 4.The problem(s) the selected organization faces. Analyze the problems using the open systems approach by identifying where the need for change arose and what areas of the organization are affected by the need for change. What is the nature of the problems the organization faces? How severe are these problems? Are these problems specific to the organization or common to most organizations in the industry? What do you think are the root causes of these problems?
  • 5.If you were an external OD consultant, who you would contact regarding working with this organization? 6.What kind of information would you need to include in a contract, and what kind of fee structure would you develop?

Submission Details:

  • Present a 3- to 4- page paper in a Microsoft Word document formatted in APA style. Cite any sources using the APA guidelines.
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