Go to this week’s Spotify playlist and try to find the beat and meter of the various songs and pieces. (https://open.spotify.com/playlist/5g9HglyY1b7IO6YMyk39KH? )

Please download the Spotify app onto your computer, you will need it to listen to the selections. Without the app, you will only be allowed to listen to short snippets of the music, which may not be enough.

(Please note: in this class, a “song” is any musical composition which includes a singer. A “piece” refers to an instrumental composition)

For each different selection:

1. Clap along to find a steady beat

2. Once you have found the steady beat, try to identify the meter as duple or triple. The beat will stay steady, but naming the meter is a matter of if there is emphasis every two beats, or every three beats. You can try marching or waltzing along with the music. If marching feels most natural, the music is in duple meter. If waltzing fits better the music is in triple meter. Or you can try conducting along with the music as see which shapes fit.

Answer the following questions to complete your participation journal.

(Please note: for the purposes of this class, you will only be required to identify duple and triple meters. If you have had prior musical training, you may notice some selections are in quadruple meter. However, since quadruple meter can be broken down into two sets of duple, you may call quadruple meter selections by the simpler duple meter when I ask you to identify meter.)

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