1. List four principles of Performance Technology. List and describe the six sequential steps in a systematic approach.
  2. List and describe the four quadrants of the Performance Map AND list three examples of items for each quadrant.
  3. List two of the six industry trends and provide a detailed explanation and example for both.
  4. List and describe in detail the five change-management and implementation plans that need to be developed before actual before implementation takes place.
  5. List and describe the four types of incentive programs.
  6. Explain strategic thinking AND list and describe the five elements (based on Liedtka’s model) of strategic thinking.
  7. List the eight general steps in scenario planning.
  8. Ethics are generally divided into three general areas: Metaethics, Normative Ethics, and Descriptive Ethics. Select a current event and explain the ethical and social issues based on the principles and standards of one of the three general areas.
  9. List and describe the importance of the basic steps of data analysis
  10. A common mistake when referencing statistics is using the word average when mode, median or mean is the appropriate term. Part I . Explain why it is important to use mode, median or mean instead of average when referencing data.  Part II Find the Mode, Median, and Mean from the numbers below. (Round up if any numbers have decimals).202, 300, 301, 461, 120, 211, 251, 477, 399, 201, 390, 187, 233, 187, 233, 366, 390, 493, 301, 250
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