Describe the demographic section of your lesson plan. This piece is longer than a real classroom lesson plan, because your peers need to understand the setting and students in your class.

  • Describe the school setting and environment.
  • Describe the students’ demographics, including age, gender, socio-economic class, ability levels (gifted), students with disabilities, and English Language Learners.
  • Include any other pertinent information about the classroom, such as unusual schedules or other staff who are part of the classroom.
  • What are at least 3 potential advantages to teaching this mix of students?
  • What are at least 2 potential challenges to teaching this mix of students?
  • Respond to at least one of your fellow classmates’ entries. Do you feel that they addressed the advantages and challenges sufficiently? Do you have any questions about their class demographics, teaching strategies, or advantages and challenges?
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