For the Week 1 paper include the following:

  • Briefly summarize your chosen organization information (e.g., what is it? what does it do?).
  • Evaluate the leadership philosophy and behaviors of the organization’s top leader(s). As part of your evaluation:
    • What is the leadership philosophy of the leader(s)? (Note: you might determine this by interviewing the leaders, interviewing others who know the leader, reviewing published materials, or from reporting experiences/observations that communicate the leadership philosophy).
    • What behaviors by the leaders reflect (or do not reflect) that philosophy?
    • Use leadership literature to support your evaluation. For example, if you think your leader is a transformational leader, what does this week’s course reading say about transformational leaders? Does your description of the leader’s philosophy and behaviors align with what the literature says about transformational leaders?
  • Evaluate the match between leader philosophy and organizational design. For purposes of this assignment, organizational design will refer to purpose, strategy, and structure. However, organizational design includes all aspects of an organization including processes, rewards, metrics, training, etc. and the alignment of all the aspects.
    • What is the organizational purpose?
    • What is the strategy used to achieve the purpose?
    • What is the organizational structure used to achieve the purpose?
    • Does the leader’s philosophy align with organizational design?
      • What gaps exist?
      • How does the organizational design impose limits on leader choices?
      • How does the leader influence organizational design?
    • Use leadership literature to support your evaluation.
  • Defend recommendations for bridging gaps between the leadership philosophy and organizational design. Use leadership literature to defend your recommendations. 

Submission Details:

  • Submit your answers in a 4- to 5-page Microsoft Word document. 
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