Conduct an interview about sustainability efforts at an organization (e.g., place you work or would like to work, religious organization you attend, local organization in your community).  Arrange an interview with a manager at the organization. Before the interview, do a search on the Internet about sustainability efforts of similar organizations. Use the following questions to start your interview and add relevant questions related to what you discover through your Internet search about sustainability efforts at similar organization. After the interview, write up a report of what you found during the interview. Conclude your report with your overall assessment of that organization’s sustainability efforts.

  1. What is the organization’s primary product or service? You should be able to answer this question before your interview.
  2. Does the organization have a published policy about sustainability?
  3. How does the manager define sustainability?
  4. Regardless of whether the organization has a sustainability policy, what sustainability efforts does the organization make with respect to the environment?
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