. Problem Statement –  04/24/2019 – Review (template & example) Document

2. Research project summary report –  05/08/2019 Review example Document

2. Final Paper –  06/05/2019

The objective of this assignment is for student teams to formulate a real world business problem by developing the following:

  1. A case study description/Situation
  2. Actions
  3. Analytic Models
  4. Testing and/or Data Collection
  5. Analytics Solution Using EXCEL
  6. Interpretation: Response To Analytics
  7. Decision Making
  8. Target Communications
  9. Impact (if implemented)
  1. Address a topic, using embedded Add-Ins and/or functions provided by EXCEL or Minitab or both.
  2. Manual calculations to solve project objectives are not acceptable. You will embed the EXCEL or Minitab output within a formal report in Microsoft Word using APA style. This output can be part of the appendix of your paper.


Objective 1:

Profits and Debt – analyze a five year period of earnings/financial statements of both Toys “R” Us and GameStop looking specifically at profits and debt to see if any differences correlate with the financial health decline of Toys “R” Us. (insert any interesting finds that raise questions)

Other Potential Objectives:

  • · Debt (from financial statements)
  • · Profits (financial statements)
  • Overhead (financial statements)
  • · Customer satisfaction/preferences (reviews/surveys??)
  • · Executive group/structure
  • Percentage of sales from online (articles? Financial statements?)
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