Final Project Instructions

Create a PowerPoint or Google Slides Presentation showcasing learning, especially highlighting impact of course content on teaching and learning outcomes. Your PowerPoint should include a professional design and relevant, engaging images; it should cover main points from each session of this course. Do your best to present the information in audience-friendly, bullet point format, and refrain from copying/pasting from previous homework assignments.Write a reflection of the entire course including your final project (250 words), specifying impact on teaching practices and your students’ learning outcomes. Include the reflection in the text box provided.

Submission Instructions

Upload your completed presentation file. (For Google Slides, you can paste in the link. Please make sure the settings allow for anyone with the access to the link to have permission to view the document. Need help? Email

In the text box, include a 250 word reflection of your experience taking this course. If you forget to include the reflection, your Final Project submission will not be graded and will be reopened.

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