Case Study Position Paper

Purpose and Objectives

Throughout the course you will examine and analyze several special education case studies. For this assignment, you will write a position paper that considers how you will best serve a student with disabilities in a specific classroom.

The case study you will write about in your position paper is taken from the IRIS Center’s Encouraging Appropriate Behavior Case Study documents. The final Level C Case Study from the IRIS center (p. 5) will be submitted as a position paper and is due by Session 6.


The purpose of the paper is to describe your position on an issue and to provide rationale for that position based on course texts. The paper must be based on the evidence from the case studies that provide a solid foundation for your argument. In addition, add your own voice, create a context for teaching and learning, and provide a strong story and rationale as to why you have chosen to write your paper in the way you are writing it.


The position paper must be written in APA format. You will answer the following questions, based on the questions at the end of the case study:

  1. Create a priority list of two critical goals eachfor Patrick and Zach. Make sure that your goals are measurable, observable, clear and specific (MOC). They should also consider the students’ present levels of performance so that you can create a narrative about where your student currently is and where you would like them to go.
  2. Identify three strategiesyou could use to address the goals you listed.
  3. Provide a rationale(using the case study and course texts) as to why you selected each of these strategies.
  4. Choose one strategy to implement immediatelyjustify your selection (using the case study and course texts) and discuss what information you used to support this.
  5. Describe how you would implement this strategyif you were the classroom teacher, and any possible cautionsor considerations that you should be aware of.


The position paper will be 3-5 pages long. You must use course texts to support your claims.

The position paper should have the following elements:


  • Identify the issue
  • State your position on the issue


  • Provide background information on the issue
  • Use supporting evidence or facts to describe the issue
  • Discuss multiple perspectives on the issue


  • Suggest a course of action related to the issue
  • Provide possible solutions and rationale for your choices
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