The report must answers the report requirements shown below in the file and follow its path one question by one.

** You must include at least five references, only four of which can be online (one MUST be a printed source). The printed source can be accessed online through legitimate conference or journal article databases (no Google Scholar allowed). Cite all references within the text and provide a List of References (Bibliography) at the end of the report. Citations and Bibliographies must be in standard, IEEE format

**Formatting requirements:

ï‚· single-spaced lines

ï‚· 11-point font

ï‚· No extra spacing between paragraphs

ï‚· Include your name, section, and date at the beginning of the report (single-spaced)

ï‚· You may include two small figures maximum (each no more than a quarter of a page in size).

ï‚· Include the Bibliography on its own page at the end of the report.

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