abstractThe abstract of the thesis is essential since the state attestation commission cannot read your thesis thoroughly. Therefore, the abstract is the only thing that the commission will get acquainted with in detail.

In general, an abstract summarizes all the main tasks, problems, results, and everything else related to the thesis, compiled so that the state certification commission gets acquainted with your diploma.

What exists in the abstract

The issuing department establishes the requirements for the volume and design of the abstract.

The following items are mandatory:

  • The literal wording of the work’s topic, project or master’s thesis is precisely the same as in the order and on the title page.
  • The number of explanatory note pages, the amount of illustrative material (tables, figures).
  • The structure of the work or project: the number of chapters and sections, the presence or absence of annexes (for example, they may include information about publications on the topic of the thesis, the accounting statements of the research object, the source texts of the programs developed by the graduate student, experimental protocols, etc.).
  • Brief description of all the listed sections (chapters and paragraphs). It describes what the passage is about, what tasks it solves. It is possible to describe in a few words the methods used,
  • Information on the application of developments included in the thesis project. Here, the achieved positive results are indicated. They can be expressed, for example, in the revocation of a third-party organization that accepts the development for implementation, in a patent or a favorable decision on its issuance, copyright certificate, and other documents.
  • Conclusion on the novelty of the solutions proposed in the project and the prospects for further development at higher education levels (in a master’s or Ph.D. thesis) or as a specialist.

Conditions for writing a high-quality abstract

To write a good abstract, you need to meet the following conditions:

  • start work on time. Although the text volume is relatively small, it is unlikely that it will be possible to make it 10 minutes before the defense. The wording requires careful verification
  • and has all the diploma materials (and preferably pre-diploma practice) ready. They serve as the starting point, so you need to ensure complete consistency and the absence of contradictions,
  • know precisely the design requirements. The main provisions are contained in REQUIREMENTS, but each university, institute, and even department can add its vision of the ideal to them and
  • understand the final and intermediate tasks determined by the last qualifying work topic.

Their achievement should be reflected in the abstract in a concentrated form. After reading the abstract, anyone should understand whether the author succeeded in achieving his goal.


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