Assignment #2 – Child Observation (15 minutes)

1. View Dr. Garry Landreth’s “Child Centered Play Therapy” video again, only this time with no sound.  This will better enable you to report the things you SEE Kate, the little girl in the video, as she moves around the playroom.  Choose a 15 minute segment to “observe” the child in the play therapy session.  This child seems to be approximately age 4 or 5 yrs.

2.  Using the Child Development Chart you prepared for Assignment #1 last week, compare the child in the video with the developmental information you found for a child ages 4 and 5.  In 3 to 5 pages, first write up a detailed description (a moment by moment account) of the child in the 15 minute video segment you chose (including facial expressions, body posture, body movements, verbalization, interactions with Dr. Landreth as well as with the toys/materials in the room, and second, write up a comparison of the child in the video and what you observed, to the information in your developmental chart. 

3.  Summarize your paper in your final paragraph, by briefly discussing what you’ve learned from this assignment (you may want to even review the information regarding Clark Moustakas’ research on the play of adjusted and maladjusted children).

Assignment 3 (Brief Discussion)

Clark Moustakas studied the play of adjusted children and maladjusted children.  What were his findings?


Discussion #4 – Review Dr. Landreth’s video “Child Centered Play Therapy” and Discuss the following points:

1.   How does the role of play therapist differ from that of a parent or a teacher?

2.   How is child therapy different from therapy with adults?

3.   What is the rationale for choosing toys to use in play therapy?

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