1. If Martin Luther travelled through time to 1795 what would shock him and what would remain familiar? [You can consider more than religion]

2. How important was the written or printed word to the Reformation, the new science, the Enlightenment, and the French Revolution? What does this say about who was involved in discussions? [Explore 3 events]


** There are 2 questions in total, each of the question should answer as essay format. The length of each question should answer 1.5 page double space.

** The assignment is due in 30 hours.

Try to use examples from the readings, discussing a specific person, text, or event helps (evidence!)

  1. provide a clear thesis statement in your introduction. A thesis needs to stake out your position and should be followed by a sentence briefly summarizing how you intend to prove it.
  2. Use at least three examples as evidence for your argument.  Devote a separate paragraph (at least) to each point.
  • All general statements need to be followed by specific examples or details to elaborate the point.
  • You should offer a brief description of your example to establish the context for your analysis.  Provide who, what, when, where, and how/why.
  • You should explicitly tell me how this supports your argument.
  • You should provide a transition to your next example by showing its connection to the current example.


*I have upload a word file that has the outline for the questions. You can use the information in the word file or your knowledge from early modern Europe.

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