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Please answer the following music questions:


1. The Balkans region has long been a flashpoint for war and political strife. How has this region’s history shaped the culture and the music of its peoples? Discuss how artists were able to work around many of these difficulties.

2. How far back can we trace the origins of Balkan music? What other significant musical culture intersects this same point in ancient history? Discuss some differences between those two cultures as they took divergent paths.

3. Discuss the metric structure of southern Balkans music (Greece & Bulgaria). How is it perceived by our “westernized” ears? How is it perceived in its indigenous culture?

4. Describe the Bulgarian vocal tradition, and comment on why it was so successful and able to thrive in spite of the political difficulties of the homeland?

5. Who was the most significant musician from Romania who became an international success? What are the significant consequences of putting indigenous music on the world stage? How can it be both beneficial and detrimental to the original culture?

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