Question 1


For this discussion, you will need to address the issues of Case 14, “Tomasito Is Too Big to Hold Hands” attach below

  1. How do family processes influence Tomasito’s development?
  2. How does Tomasito’s sense of connectedness affect his motivation to learn? How does it affect those around him and the way they support his learning?
  3. If you were sharing the results of math work and math assessments with Tomasito and his family, how would you go about doing that to optimize his future success in the subject?
  4. What are the possible ways of building reciprocal relationships with this family? Which do you think are the most appropriate and why? What support can be offered and how can parents be encouraged to be more involved?

Respond to student post

Candace post


I would say that what determines a person,social class is their level of education, their job, and how much they make annually. Though some people may be high on the social ladder they may choose to live below their means. If I won the lottery I would donate some money to different charities. I wojld5 help my mom and brother by giving then a nice house to live in and a good dependable car. I would probably then with the help of my husband build a house with everything we need and get us new cars. I would put money back for our future and for our future kids future. I would still work because I love to work and I Definetley wouldn’t go any major shopping sprees . I would howeber make sure that we lived comfortable lives with everything we needed. For me it would effect me positively and,it wouldn’t change me as a person , I don’t care for living high on a social ladder.

Question 3


Very young children are usually highly motivated to learn (such as exploring gravity by dropping things from the highchair), but this often declines as they grow. With your readings in mind, think about your own motivational drive. What pushes you the most: extrinsic or intrinsic factors? How did your educational environments in the past and today support or detract from this motivation?

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