Here are some small sections that should be added to the uploaded assignment named (Hazardous materials and the environment):

  • Interpret the physical properties, will it float on water or sink? Is it a marine pollutant? What damage will do to the water course if entered through the soil? Source pathway receptor, source was the fuel in the fuel cells, pathway the ground where the plane came to rest, receptor, the water drainage and soil and ultimately the rain water system.
  • Documentation what would be used today compared with when the plane crashed?
  • Environmental impact from fuel and foam, both very damaging.
  • Other hazards in aircraft, MMMF (man made mineral fiber)
  • Sky drol hydraulic oil which is very toxic to humans and environment.
  • At the incident when it happened we didn’t use anything else than our PPE how different would that be today, how long term health effects of jet fuel affect personnel, health monitoring is in today.
  • Would hazards be dealt with differently today compared with then?

***The assignment has been uploaded and the file name: hazardous_materials_and_the_environment

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