Your reports must be five minutes in length (maximum) and it must use Powerpoint. Do not go over the time limit. You should have a maximum of six slides. The reports cover Chapters 9-11. You can use outside sources to further illuminate your topic.

My topic is (David Walker)

Organize Your Information Carefully. You Are Providing Critical Historical Analysis

  • Introduce the event or person by describing what he/ she is known for. Include major endeavors, accomplishments and failures
  • Include major developments and turning points

I am expecting you to make a strong effort, recognizing that you are the authority on your topic. Developing presentation skills is a part of virtually any endeavor you’ll undertake in and after college, so take it seriously. If you are not present when you are called upon to present you will receive a zero. You will not be able to present another day. You will be graded on the following:

  • Voice/Diction
  • Preparation for presentation
  • Professionalism
  • Historical Accuracy
  • Overall effort

Plan a presentation of 5 minutes. This means you can’t cover nearly everything you’ve read about. Practice your presentation so that it goes smoothly and does not go over or under time.

Use bullet points not sentences in your PowerPoint which succinctly summarize the information and avoid placing too much text such as paragraphs in your slides.

This is the book…

note/ Please I want you to prepare my presentation that I just have to study and make it easy and undressand

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