Write a reflection paper based on your understanding of the current trends, historical events that led up to dramatic effects in the healthcare industry, and abusive costs of healthcare today.

Dive into detail and provide examples from your own personal life and experiences. Also, if you use outside news articles or links, please cite the correctly in APA format. Outside links and references help to support your topic,

examples, and argument so please consider using a few for your paper.

This paper is to be 2-3 pages of content writing and a reference page (APA format)

Questions to answer:

1. What are the current issues that are described in the healthcare industry from the

documentary? What has cause these issues rise?

2. What control does the consumer have with their healthcare costs? Treatment costs?

3. How does the insurance company play a role in the healthcare provider industry?

4. Are companies working to work with insurance companies?

5. How do these issues affect the patient-provider relationship? What conflicts could/have


6. What is your opinion of a single healthcare provider system?

(Link to Documentary)

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