Term Paper on the TVM

The first part of your term paper should include a summary of all the concepts of  Time value money covered in class, for example, Future value of single sum, present value of single sum, annuity, etc., in your own words. You must include a simple numerical example to explain each concept. Do not simply copy the textbook, and you should follow the rule of quotation if you want to quote a sentence from the book. Include all the concepts covered in class.

The second part of the paper is about the application of Time value money to your own financial problems. Try to use the concepts you learn from the class to solve practical financial issues in your life, for example, your retirement planning, your mortgage payments or car loan payments, credit card interest rates, to name a few. Since you use a numerical example for each concept in the first part, it is encouraged to analyze one big problem rather than several small problems in the second part. It has to be your own and specific problem. If you cannot think of your own problem, you may make up a case that is interesting.

Do not mix the first part and the second part, that is, the second part should have a separate heading. There is a penalty of 20% for mixing the two parts. Two sample papers are on reserve in the library for your perusal.

Include word count on the front page. The word count should be at least 2,500. Simply type the word count shown on your MS Word or other word processors.


First Part 50%

Second Part 40%

Writing Quality 10%

The emphasis on the first part is thoroughness, that is, you have to explain every concept covered from time lines to loan amortization.

The second part is comprised of creativity/originality (10%), correctness (10%), sophistication (10%), and overall content (10%).

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