Question 1 – Market Research

Explain the vital relationship between research, information, and decision-making. Give several examples of a lodging manager’s need for research. Why is market research so indispensable?

Discussion Question 2 – Travel Research Process

What is the basic concept behind the nine (9) steps in the travel research process. Differentiate primary and secondary data. Which would you seek first? Why? What are some of the important criteria used to evaluate the usefulness of the secondary data? Where do you start looking for these?

Discussion Question 3 – Increase Demand

In various ways, how is demand to an existing hotel increased? To a destination? To a mode of public transportation?

Discussion Question 4 – Demand and Market Segmentation

Describe the relationships between demand and market segmentation. What is meant by “target markets?” How do you identify these? Give some examples.

Discussion Question 5 – Psychographic Market Orientation

What is meant by psychographic market orientation? How might this be used in the tourism industry?

Discussion Question 6 – Future of Tourism

Where do you see tourism moving in the future? Do you see sites like Expedia will be how we book travel, or will new approaches emerge? What other trends do you see developing?

Discussion Question 7 – Economic Recession

Give some reasons why tourism is not significantly reduced during periods of economic recession. Are there certain types that are affected? If so, why?

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