essaysWhen we talk about using free essays for reference purposes, we must avoid extremes. Stealing someone’s idea and passing it off as your own is wrong. Yet, when it comes to writing for another person, the assessment cannot be as rough. Overthinking about good or bad, right or wrong, can be dangerous since things are not only black and white. The world in which we live has countless different shades that make up the beauty of life.

What if a retired professor wants to help students do their homework as ghostwriters. Someone who writes for others? It’s not plagiarism anymore. The professor issues his permission to share his insights and ideas. Besides, resorting to essays as an example and plagiarism has nothing to do with it. If a person agrees to submit their opinions while giving up their authorship. Then there is nothing wrong, if you do not claim these ideas as your own.

What is plagiarism?

Plagiarism is the issuance of another’s work for one’s own or illegal publication of another’s work under one’s name, the authorship’s appropriation. ”

In this case, all existing plagiarism checking tools are set to find plagiarized content. Regardless of the methods used, all plagiarism detectors search their databases for matching strings of the same excerpts. For example, Copyscape and Turnitin’s services base from search engines that search for matches on the Internet. Turnitin, which most educational institutions use, has its extensive database, with 12+ billion digital content pages.

Yet, custom essays written from scratch, especially for you, cannot display in these databases. This means that , modern plagiarism devices cannot detect cases of plagiarism in custom essays.

What is essays ghostwriting?

From a certain ethical point of view, the use of custom scientific materials is not theft. Ghostwriting uses works without mentioning the original author, who at the same time gives his full consent. This means that a ghostwriter can sell their intellectual property, as if the job were a car or a house.

While plagiarism is wrong and unethical, it is not as obvious as black and white when it comes to ghostwriting. Examples of ghostwriting can exist in various fields, from politics to literature to academic research.

The most famous examples are:

  • To Kill a Mockingbird, Harper Lee (ghostwriter: Truman Capote). Legend has it that both are co-authors of the novel, although only Lee is credited with authorship. Although recently computerized analysis of the text shows that the story was written only by Lee, the debate is still ongoing;
  • The question of works attributed to Shakespeare may be another example of ghostwriting.

If we turn to the results of literary research as property, and if the author has the right to own it, why can’t he or she sell it?

Custom Essays Fair Use Policy

At the same time, things are complicated by the high expectations of your teachers. Academic institutions expect every word in your writing assignments to be yours. This means that using ghostwriting services can appear as misconduct. Not from a copyright standpoint, but from the perspective of your academic code of conduct. This is why basic principles of fair use of essays are essential to avoid plagiarism:

  • One can only use custom essays for research purposes;
  • An article can inspire you and increase the depth of your research;
  • If you decide to include a word for word quote, be sure to include a link to the source;
  • It requires both quotation marks and citation if you are using direct quotation;
  • The original is enough if you’ve paraphrased the idea.

Custom essays are a more effective alternative to avoid unreliable lecture notes. Also, work through literature that is no longer relevant. Neither plagiarism nor copyright infringement exist in the use of essays by ghostwriters in these areas. Yet, basic principles of fair use should follow to avoid any potential problems with your school.

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