Week 6 Assignment

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Application: Ending the Client/Case Manager Relationship

Celebrate endings, for they precede new beginnings.
–Jonathan Lockwood Huie

As they terminate their relationships with clients, case managers work to transition the focus from empowerment of clients through the use of resources to empowerment through reintegration. Reintegration with family, friends, community, and oneself can be a difficult process for clients. Enlisting clients in long-term services should be established prior to case management service termination.

For this Assignment, you consider ways in which you might terminate services with each of your virtual clients. What skills might you ensure that Charlene and James have before ending treatment? What agencies might you establish long-term goals with for Abigail, Robert, and Adam? To successfully terminate each case, you first evaluate the effectiveness of the treatments you provided for each client. You then develop comprehensive plans for the maintenance and termination of your cases.

To Prepare for this Assignment:

  • Review Chapter 9, “Challenges and Visions.” Focus on the strategies described.
  • Review the article, “The Quest for Optimal Health: Can Education and Training Cure What Ails Us?” Consider the implications described for “self-directed recovery.” during Week 4, in which you located resources and agencies in your community to find assistance for your clients.
  • Review the article, “The Role of Self–Efficacy in Recovery From Serious Psychiatric Disabilities: A Qualitative Study With Fifteen Psychiatric Survivors.” Focus on the findings concerning the preparation of clients for recovery and reintegration.
  • Consider the ways that your clients’ cases may have progressed.
  • Think about how you might translate your clients’ experiences into the appropriate language for documentation.
  • Think about how to terminate your cases based on the progress made by each client.

The Assignment (1 page)

  • Develop a plan for the termination of case management services for your virtual clients.
  • Explain one way the case management process has resulted in recovery, reintegration, or empowerment for your virtual clients.
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