Week  4  “Employment Tests, Hiring and Promotion Decisions”

Please  respond to the following:

•Using the e-Activity, choose two (2) of the following employment tests:  drug tests, medical examinations, polygraphs or honesty tests, and  scored test of ability. Next, analyze the manner in which the testing  itself could be considered illegal when an organization does not  properly use it during the employment hiring process. Justify your  response.

•Give your opinion of the purpose of the Bona Fide Occupational  Qualification (BFOQ), as discussed within the text. Then, suggest two  (2) occupations where the discriminatory requirement is legal. Justify  your response.

Week 5 “Affirmative Action and Harassment”  Please respond to the  following:

Using the e-Activity, review the background of affirmative action. Then,  argue whether or not the intended fairness afforded by affirmative  action is relevant to the 21st century, considering that organizations  are typically trending toward promoting a diverse workforce. Justify  your response.

Select two (2) of the following types of harassment: same-sex  harassment, cyber harassment, or hostile virtual environment.  Investigate the significant ways in which the selected type of  harassment could alter work conditions in any organization. Then,  formulate a plan to minimize the selected type of harassment in the  organization.

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