one paper no more than 500 words.

You can choose one of the following topics any topic that you choose must include economic concepts that are applicable.

1. Being smart versus being reach or if you’re so smart why are you not reach ?

2. Are predatory lenders a bad thing or part of the landscape of financial markets

3. should the government guarantee individuals who are economically distraught a guaranteed income

4. is the opportunity cost for attending college exceptionally high if you leave college with significant debt

5. Should economic development in poorer areas be left to market forces or should the government direct efforts

6. Is there significant “rent seeking” in most high paying jobs

economic concepts on more than 2 elements

1.Resources (land, labor, capital, entrepreneurship)


3.Opportunity costs

4.Costs and benefits

5.Trade (exchange)

6.Scarcity & Competition

7.Rationing devices



10.Decisions at Margin

11.Incentives matter


13.Law of unintended consequences

14.Ceteris Paribus

15.Model behavior

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