Discussion: Certification and Licensing

An archer would not shoot an arrow without first looking and taking aim at the target. Similarly, it is important to have an aim in mind when pursuing a career in addictions counseling. Becoming familiar with certification and licensing criteria in your locale is necessary in preparing to be a counselor of almost any type. Credentialing, including certification and licensing, attempts to ensure that addictions professionals meet criteria and competencies and have a core knowledge base and set of skills established by respected regulatory agencies. As of 2012, there was no one national or international agency providing credentialing of addictions counselors, but many agencies and organizations offer counseling certification. For example, organizations such as the International Association for Addictions and Offender Counselors, the International Certification Reciprocity Consortium, and the Association for Addictions Professionals all have developed certification programs for addictions professionals.

For this week’s Discussion, you research the criteria for a practicing addictions professional in your state, province, or locale. You then consider what competencies you have and need toward meeting these criteria.

To prepare:

  • Select one addictions profession.
  • From what you have learned throughout this course, consider what competencies you have gained for certification and licensing for this chosen addictions profession.
  • Research criteria in your state, province, or locale for certification for this chosen addictions profession.

Post a brief description of requirements for certification and licensure in your state, province, or locale for the addictions profession you chose. Then, describe one competency you believe you have developed as part of your participation in this course and one competency you believe you need to develop to work as a professional in the field of addiction.

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