Textbook Readings:

  • Witten, Frank, and Hall
    • Chapter 2 – “Input: Concepts, Instances, and Attributes” introduces the student to terminology related to sets of data used as input for analysis. The information in this chapter will add to the student’s appreciation of categories of data used for data mining.
  • Sharda, Delen, and Turban
    • Chapter 3 – “Business Report, Visual Analytics, and Business Performance Management” introduces the student to the concepts of Business Reports, Data Visualization, and Business Performance Management. Executive dashboards and balance scorecards are used by organizations to monitor key performance indicators. Key performance indicators are important process area measurements of the organization that are monitored, because they are related to an organization’s strategic vision


  • 16 Captivating Data Visualization Examples provides excellent examples of unique visualizations. Data visualization provides analysts with a means of communicating information to others and highlights patterns in the data that can help tell a story. Upon reviewing these examples, the student will have a better appreciation of the many different ways information can be communicated.
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