Discussion: Reaching Out to Community ServicesAs a professional, you most likely will be in a position to link families who need support with the appropriate community services. Review pages 390-396 of your text, which offer an overview of the community as a support system. Then read the following case studies on pages 413-416:Case Study 2: The Johnson FamilyCase Study 4: The Meyers FamilyCase Study 7: The Lambert FamilyCase Study 9: The Nguyen FamilyChoose the case study that interests you the most, then complete the following.By Day 3Post:The title of the case study and a summary of the problem/concernsYour response to the question(s) posed at the end of the case study, including what community services you would recommend (In examples that ask you to respond as a teacher, respond as a professional working with children and families.)Two general suggestions to foster communication, clearheadedness, and the development of a collaborative plan of action

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