Provide a combined response to the statement responses below with a minimum of 125 words (do not write a whole page) of substantive content and references cited in APA format. No copying and pasting of work previously done for someone else.

An organization’s growth strategy must be consistent with its’ mission statement and leadership’s vision of the organization. As the leader of a company, present your growth strategy and discuss three (3) or four (4) milestones that you must achieve to reach your objectives.

As a leader of my company my growth strategy would be to be innovated, always asking my employees about new ideas and try to find ways to become creative with designs and landscaping ideas. The first milestone, I would like to discuss is to win several contracting bids within my first year of going commercial. Secondly, I would like to practice on using all Eco- friendly environment chemicals for my business and last focus on expanding my business to irrigation of water treatment training.

Developing an exit strategy for the key principles is an important element of the business plan. Explain why the exit strategy is so important to a business plan. Next, provide two (2) or three (3) key topics that you would include in the exit strategy of your business plan.

The key reason to have a exit strategy would be an unexpected event such as, health issue and  economic shifts. Also companies merge their business with other business to expand and gain market share and buying power. A key topic in my business would be the expansion of business, such as merging with a tree company our irrigation company to open the company up to new ventures. Another exit strategy would include the loss of big contracts that would pose a threat to the growth of the business.

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