Create an outline of a psychological experiment, your experiment must deal with humans and must test something WITHIN PSYCHOLOGY.

(1) Keep your hypothesis and design simple.Your hypothesis is a testable statement about how an out come will change based on the manipulation of variable

(2)You must establish two groups(experimental and control group) which differ with respect to ONLY one thing (variable), this is the independent variable

(3)The goal of your experiment is to determine if the performance or outcome of the two groups differs as a result of the change in your independent variable.The outcome for each group is the dependent variable.

(4) In your experiment ,state a hypothesis( a statement,not a question)

(5) describe your experimental group and control group.

(6)Identify the independent and dependent variables.

(7)Operationally define any vague or open-ended terms.

(8)Consider the influence of extraneous variables on the outcome of the experiment.Describle at least one potential extraneous variable.

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