Question 11 pts
Which of the following statements is NOT an accurate description of team building or the team-building process?
team building is participatory.
team building is data based.
the team-building process should become an ongoing part of any team’s work agenda.
the team-building process facilitates competitive behavior within the team.
team building is an approach to continuous improvement.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 21 pts
In the Vroom, Yetton, and Jago decision-making model, __________ are made when the manager or team leader uses information that he or she possesses and decides what to do without involving others.
groupthink decisions.
authority decisions.
consultative decisions.
group decisions.
minority decisions.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 31 pts
The __________ to team building offers opportunities for intense and concentrated effort to examine group accomplishments and operations.
informal withdrawal approach.
privacy approach.
informal isolation approach.
formal seclusion approach.
formal retreat approach.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 41 pts
In regards to decision-making, the best teams __________________________.
let the smartest person in the group make most of the decisions.
stay together as a group all of the time because they work well together.
take a short time to make decisions.
do not limit themselves to just one decision-making method, using it over and over again regardless of circumstances.
do not encourage an exchange of ideas.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 51 pts
__________ is a sequence of planned activities designed to gather and analyze data on the functioning of a team and to initiate changes designed to improve teamwork and increase team effectiveness.
team enhancing.
team building.
team structuring.
team championing.
team organizing.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 61 pts
__________, or the use of one’s intellect, is important in all aspects of decision making.
attitudinal formation.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 71 pts
__________ are simplifying strategies or “rules of thumb” used to make decisions.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 81 pts
In the garbage can view of decision making, many problems go unsolved because decision makers __________ do all of the following EXCEPT:
cannot agree to match problems with solutions, make a choice, and implement the choice on a timely and consistent basis.
do not know how to resolve chronic problems.
do not want to solve chronic problems.
cannot make a choice.
cannot implement a decision on a timely and consistent basis.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 91 pts
Each of the following is a characteristic of high-performance teams EXCEPT:
high-performance teams have strong core values.
high-performance teams turn a general sense of purpose into specific performance objectives.
high-performance teams have members who focus on individual effort and excellence.
members of high-performance teams have the right mix of skills.
high-performance teams possess creativity.

Flag this QuestionQuestion 101 pts
In the Vroom, Yetton, and Jago decision-making model, __________ involves the manager obtaining the necessary information from subordinate(s) or other group members and then deciding on the problem solution.
variant 1 of authority decisions.
variant 2 of authority decisions.
variant 1 of consultative decisions.
variant 2 of consultative decisions.
variant 3 of authority decisions.

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