The length of Chapter 3 is around 2-3 pages it will describe what your research will look like if you were to initiate a similar stuy. You may use the same variables as your original study OR any of the replication/similar studies.


In your hypothesized research who are going to be the participants in your study.  Obviously you DO NOT have use all of these selected variables below. Select and describe how you are going to set up your study.  It must describe how many subjects etc. and methodology of selecting and randomization.

Financial level
Religious Affiliation
Educational Level
Marital Status
Amount of Children


Describe how you are going to conduct your research and EVERYONE will be using correlational research (Variable X vs Variable Y). In this section you will then describe what correlational research is. You need to identify each variable.  After you have identified each variable you will select a psychological test/survey/ assessment which represents “X” and “Y”.  Just as a great help google “correlational research” and identify variables that have been used in your list of research articles. Email me your thoughts as you move along

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