Topic: Debriefing/stress reduction strategies; are they necessary and when are they most effective?

Each topic selected for the Crisis Research paper assignment must relate to Crisis, Trauma, and Emergency Relief Counseling and Disaster Mental Health Counseling. Whichever topic you choose, you need to explain the problem and give statistics, then explain how this is a crisis, in what ways, and what solutions you are offering, what kind of treatment/interventions. See the research paper assignment for further details.

Crisis Research Paper. 

Students will write a scholarly paper – no less and no more than 7 pages (not including required title page, abstract, and reference pages), adhering to APA, that addresses a specific topic of interest related to crisis counseling. Please, cite any references used in APA format. Students will provide an overview of how our understanding of the particular issue or theory has evolved over time. What is known about this topic and what still needs to be investigated? Students will present information about the various intervention strategies that have been used in the past or are currently in use and discuss related outcomes. In other words, are there some intervention strategies or approaches that have been shown to be more effective than others? Are there particular populations that are more vulnerable? These are suggested as a guide. Feel free to go where the literature leads you. This research paper must include at least 7 professional journal articles; it may also include chapters from books on your topic, as well as relevant online resources (the Time magazine and other popular media do not count as peer-refereed) in addition to the peer-reviewed journal articles.

Literature review should cover the past 5-7 years of research.

Each student will also have the opportunity to present his or her paper via Canvas in an appropriate format, such as PowerPoint, and answer appropriate/relevant questions from classmates for 5 extra points. Points will be deducted for writing, grammar, and APA style, as well as for late submission. Papers that do not follow APA will get a 0 (Missing title page, abstract, reference page, and citations). Papers that are found to have been plagiarized, will also get a grade of zero. None of these assignments can be made up or redone.

The main topic would be:
Debriefing/stress reduction strategies
You can then include sub topic:
Are they necessary and when are they most effective?

Please make sure that there is enough information about this topic in google/ESBCO search in terms of literature review. If there is sufficient information for you and you are able to get up to 7 journal articles, then I approve the topic.

Appropriate APA Style & Format required. The paper will be returned to you without grading (I.E. 0pts) if it is missing a title page, abstract, references and citations. APA includes appropriate title page, abstract, introduction, proper research style presentation of the literature review, proper graduate-level grammar, flow and structure, citations, references, conclusion and other APA essential elements (See APA 6th Ed.). Various online sources exist for APA guidance, however, only the manual itself is the most reliable source. These are the basic components of paper structure and format.


Title Page

.. Running   head (appropriate header with the page number, running head is the summary of   the title)

.. Title (expands on running head) – no more than 12 words

.. Author & university affiliation

.. Appropriate formatting, margins, font and size

___/_10 pts.



.. Brief   introduction and description of the content of the paper;  keywords – up   to 6 words

.. Should fit in the first half of the page (general   recommendation is up to 250 words)

.. Appropriate formatting, research language, no essay or   personal opinion.



Introduction (do not use Introduction as a title, see APA)

.. Define the problem/issue or the subject you are   investigating

.. Give statistics to bring evidence as to why this subject   matters, why it affects anyone, and why anyone should care, give a brief   history & background; main concepts, elements – expand on these under   appropriate sub-headings.

.. List your review of the research in the field of counseling   of the past 5 years, refer only to peer-reviewed journals and books regarding   the topic, bring the discrepancies and any lack in the research on the topic.   Appropriate citations.

.. Define the purpose of your research/paper: what is it that   you attempt to achieve by writing this paper.

___/_10 pts


Body of the Paper

¨  Grammar, sentence flow, structure, format, quality of   writing, citation of all sources utilized. An author’s name at the end of the   paragraph only refers to the last statement. Cite all sources.

¨  Appropriate analysis of the topic, keep within the   limit of the page-number requirement.

¨  Description of the theory, characteristics, history,   background, essential figures, statistics in more details, expanding on the   introduction, addressing the actual topic with subheads. Expand on the   introduction.

¨  Best practices and challenges: what has been done in   the field to address this issue/population (interventions) & what   has/hasn’t worked, how has this theory/problem been applied in practice.

.. Offer solutions based on research and literature review,   treatment strategies, interventions, responses appropriate to the topic,   future implications.

.. Multicultural approach: cultural considerations and   competence when working with this population and issue. A thorough section on   this is vital.

___/_16 pts.



–  Sum up the paper/content adequately by reminding   what the defined problem was and what has been done to address it (very   concisely); sum up the key points of the paper

¨  Indicate future implications for counselors and   further research regarding this theory/issue/population.

__/_8__ pts.



Format;   every source included in the paper has to be on the reference page, APA is   required.

__/_10 pts.

Professor/Instructor Name ___________________________________    Total Points:_____/__60_ pts.

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