Answer these questions, 300 words (Each) and two resources (each) required.

1. To truly educate others about being culturally responsive, we must examine what we are actually looking for. First, identify the Big Eight” Social Identifiers from the Independent School Diversity Network – What is Diversity? Webpage. Then describe the recently added cultural identifiers to the “Big Eight.” Explain how your school supports or does not support each of the social identifiers.

2. Before we can focus on culturally responsive pedagogy, you must evaluate your personal implicit biases. Complete the gender-career, age, disability, sexuality, and race portions of Harvard University’s Implicit Bias Test. Take each section separately and record your scores. Compose a reflective summary of your results for each test and determine the effect this might have on your professional teaching practice. Your reflective summary must include your personal feelings, thoughts, and connections with this week’s readings. It is not required that you share your actual scores; however, you are open to do so.

(See attached File EDU524)

3. When discussing education, one must first understand inclusive school culture. Hammond refers to three levels of culture that are considered to be software for the brain’s hardware (Hammond, 2015). Define and give an example of each as it would pertain to a classroom setting. Describe how you would create a culturally responsive classroom culture.

Read Chapter 2 in Culturally Responsive Teaching and The Brain: Promoting Authentic Engagement and Rigor among Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students.


4. Define structural racialization. Analyze the differences between how your students and you experience it. Reflectively describe your personal thoughts regarding these differences, how it affects learning and inclusive school culture.

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