CONTEXTUALIZED-THEME OUTLINE (no more than 2 single-spaced pages typed in the 12-point Times font, using one-inch margins and 0.5-inch paragraph indentations and including your name and outline title): Please cogently identify a theme of continuing importance common to two classical myths that each occupy more than one page of Ovid’s Metamorphoses (other than the myth of Adonis), please succinctly and intricately summarize each myth, please astutely explain the similarities and differences between these myths, and please accurately account for their similarities and differences by considering the myths’ historical context. Your outline should address the following nine questions in any order:

1. What is a theme common to the two classical myths in question?

2. How does an actual or fictional example show that this theme continues to be important in modern times?

3. What are the main events that occur in each myth?

4. Why are these events worthy of more attention than the other events in each myth?

5. What are the similarities between the two myths?

6. What are the differences between the two myths?

7. Who was the author of the myths?

8. Who belonged to the original audience(s) of the myths?

9. What were the major historical events during the author’s lifetime that shaped the myths’ similarities and differences?

(I uploaded the mythic theme outline and essay we did before this one, they are all related, you can use the same examples and answer the rest of questions that haven’t been answered)

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