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Conflict resolution is a very challenging skill. I believe it takes a good listener to be able to read another person’s feelings or mood and respond in a way that gets a message out, while still saying what needs to be said to attempt to resolve the issue. Conflict its self isn’t necessarily the problem. It is the way we respond to it. In many circumstances, conflict is good. When couples recognize there is a conflict and can constructively come to a peaceful conclusion, it can strengthen their relationship. (Adler…p327) When there are two people that haven’t learned how to effectively communicate their feelings, conflict is a bad thing. This situation doesn’t allow for feelings to be understood or points of view to be considered. When one’s opinion/feelings aren’t considered, it can lead to hard feelings and the situation can escalate.

Nonverbal communication is very important in knowing how the other person is feeling at any given moment. If the other person has their arms crossed or avoids eye contact, this could indicate that they would prefer to avoid the situation altogether. This scenario is destructive to any conflict resolution happening. At least, at that moment.

When in a conflict, it is how we say something that can make or break the conversation. Saying “you’re a real jerk,” (Adler…p 341 )has a very high likely hood of having the conflict escalate. However, saying “I feel hurt when you don’t call if you’re not coming home on time,” can soften the blow and encourage the resolution process.

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