Topic: Ethical Issues with Employees using Social Media


You will create three graphic organizers (GOs), covering three areas: 1) Main idea & sub-ideas, 2) Cause-and-effect, and 3) Compare-contrast. You have a choice between two different flavors for each area – pick one from each area:

1) Main idea and sub-ideas*

  1. Network Tree Diagram
  2. Decision Tree

2) Cause-and-effect**

  1. Fishbone Map
  2. Multi-flow Map

3) Compare-and-contrast opposing ethical stances***

  1. Double Bubble Map
  2. Traditional Venn Diagram

For instance, you may create a Decision Tree, a Multi-flow Map, and a Double Bubble Map. Turn all three into the assignment drop-box – either as one document with three pages, or three separate documents.

Here are samplesPreview the documentView in a new window of what each GO should look like. Download and study these examples.

You will create these in order to “get a handle” on your topics and the various paths and details that your topics or areas of interest contain. The main point of this part of the Capstone Project is to help you wrestle with your topics and interests. This should help you obtain clearer foci on how to proceed with your research and how to understand the different facts of your topics. Use any type of program that you can create graphics, such as OpenOffice Draw (a free program as part of the OpenOffice suite (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.), PowerPoint, a paint program, etc. You may need to save your graphics as .jpg or .png files and then insert them into a text document. Submit one document with all three Gos to this assignment.

What I want: We are looking to see how you use these GOs as you struggle and wrestle with your topics. Your thought process need not be perfect but you should give it your best effort. We are mainly looking to see how you divide up the main idea into its component parts, what types of causes and effects surround your topic or area of interest and how human beings are impacted, and how various concepts you see compare-and-contrast to each other. All we really want to see is some well-thought out effort and use of these GOs that lead to a better understanding of your topic or area of interest as they relate to impacting human beings.

*Use the main idea/sub-ideas maps to organize your thoughts, relationships between ideas, and discover possibilities that might not be obvious.

**Use the cause-and-effect maps to work with the give-and-take relationships between the concepts you are researching. What happens if we adopt one interpretation of an ethical solution? Will it lead to unexpected outcomes that are not acceptable? How are human beings being impacted?

***As there are always at least two sides to every argument, use the Compare-and-Contrast map to examine two sides of the ethical issues – you must compare-and-contrast two opposing ethical positions. For instance, if you are doing research into the use of RFID tags implanted into people’s skin, compare-and-contrast the benefits of doing such (such as ease of identification in high-security buildings, hard to loose method of ID badge) versus the liability of doing so (people can be treated as objects in a tracking database, possible infections). You will need this work for your paper or project later on.

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