You are the Business Manager for TRE Aviation, Inc., an aircraft equipment and parts manufacturing company. The CEO is considering expanding operations overseas in several locations and has asked you to prepare an Executive Brief that provides a summary of what must be considered in the expansion process.

  • At a minimum, your brief should include the following:
    • 1. Challenges facing aviation related international business
    • 2. Regional trade blocks
    • 3. Political, economic, technological, financial, and legal environments
    • 4. Culture as it pertains to aviation-related international business
    • 5. International aviation policies
    • 6. Negotiation and decision-making principles as they apply to aviation-related businesses operating in an international environment
    • 7. Organization designs, including domestic structure plus export department, domestic structure plus foreign subsidiary, an international division, and integrated global structure
    • 8. Methods of motivating and managing multicultural workforces in a diverse aviation related international environment
    • 9.International aviation policies as they impact regional air transportation markets, infrastructure, traffic patterns, price, carriers financial performance, and future prospects of carriers
    • 10.Global markets, export procedures, and import procedures
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