Research topic: Bilingualism education in Hong Kong

you can consider questions as following: How do these countries manage nationalism and westernization in their policy (i.e. to that extent do they favor learning English?) Is there statistical information on what percentage of people are proficient in English in each country, and how do we explain internal disparities in each country?

3 concepts from book: codeswitching, language contact, codeswitching, language policy, EFL, multilingualism

References: textbook: English in the World: History, Diversity, Change. Edited by Philip Seargeant and Joan Swann. Routledge, 2012. (abbreviated as EW below)

Here are the guidelines for your research paper. After gathering the feedback from the class presentation and doing further research, each student will submit a written report of around 1000 words, excluding works cited (i.e., references). Your paper may deal with a section of the group project or a more focused thesis. It doesn’t have to reflect everything presented in the group research. You are free to narrow down your topic to what interests you most in the group research.

Length: If the papers are well focused and planned, you won’t be penalized for going over the 1000-word length suggested above. Grades will be based on how well you accomplish the research you set out to do, or substantiating and explaining your thesis effectively. In other words, we will consider if you have done justice to your chosen research topic. Grades won’t be based on word or page length. Therefore, you don’t have to feel anxious about writing a lot for the sake of filling up space.

References: As mentioned earlier for the group projects, you will cite at least three published academic sources (i.e., journal articles, books, or chapters in a book) in addition to web-based sources. You must also cite at least three concepts/theories from the textbook to demonstrate the connection to the course. You can of course cite more than three academic sources, as your research might involve more reference reading. Three published sources is only the suggested minimum.

Format: Your papers will be double-spaced, and use Times Roman 12-point font. Include a cover page that includes the title of your paper, your name, and student identity number. You may adopt MLA or APA style convention for your citations and references. Whatever style manual you choose, please use them consistently throughout the paper.

Grades: The papers will be graded based on the following criteria: the depth of your research on a well-focused theme; clarity of ideas; meeting the above guidelines on references and format; and well planned and edited writing. Each student’s paper will earn an individual grade.

Deadline: You will submit your papers before 5pm on Tuesday, December, 11th. You will upload the papers it into the Assignment folder that is titled “Final Paper.” The paper will be visible only to the instructors. Please upload your paper in Word or PDF format. Do not copy and paste the paper into the message box, as your formatting will be lost.

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