Finish it tonight

Refer to the book – paraphrase (write in your own words) OR you can include a quote with the answer – MLA page numbers

Support each answer with a short quote

Reread and edit before submission


  • What did Rill learn about Mr. Riggs and how did it affect Rill’s reaction to her new relationship with Mr. Sevier? Give examples from the book
  • Who is Hootsie? Explain May and Fern’s relationship to Hootsie and explain why she is living near May’s cottage. Refer to the book
  • Who is Arney? How does she help Rill and Fern? How does Rill help Arney to change her life? How does Arney’s life progress over many years?
  • How did Rill and Fern get back to the Arcadia and what did they find there? What did they learn about Queenie and Briny when they returned to the Arcadia?
  • How did Briny react to the lost of his family? And, why does this reaction make sense?
  • How did Rill and Fern meet the Seviers and how did the Seviers enhance their lives (Rill and Fern) over the years?
  • When Tann visited the Seviers after Rill and Fern were living at the house, what did she tell them and what did she want? How did the Seviers react to her visit?
  • Over the years, who worked to find the children of the Tennessee Children Home Society? Who brought the sisters together? And, why did the sisters keep the secret to themselves for so many years.
  • If the Foss children were never kidnapped by Ms. Tann, what would life have been like for them over the years?
  • In the end, what was the big secret that Avery eventually learns about her grandmother? What did she do with the information?
  • How did finding the secret help May and Judy in the last years of their lives?
  • Avery chose Trent and left Eliot. Do you agree with this choice? Why or why not?
  • After listening to the presentations and reading about the psychological costs of trauma and separation, what do you think will happen to Briny if he is still alive?
  • Do you think Honeybee would have married Wells if she knew about Judy’s family background?
  • Should the Staffords have told the public about the history of Foss children, the horror of Ms. Tann and the Tennessee Chidren Home Society, and Judy’s history? Could it have helped the society? – no book quote required
  • How did you react to the end of the story? Do you think that there will be an end of child trafficking? Why or Why not? – no book quote necessary


  • The novel has gained worldwide interest in the publishing industry and is being translated for publication in at least fourteen countries. Why do you think the story drew international attention? Why does it connect with so many people?
  • Will you be passing the book on to someone else? Will you give a copy to someone you know?
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