Week 8 – Business 522 – Organizational Theory




Read and review page 553 in your textbook and post your responses to questions 2, 3 and 8.


Page 553 #2


As discussed in Chapter 11, consumer products giant Procter & Gamble and Internet leader Google have entered into a marketing partnership. What organizational and environmental factors might determine which organization will have more power in the relationship?




Page 553 #3


In a rapidly changing organization, are decisions more likely to be made using the rational or political model of organization?




Page 553 #8




A financial analyst at Merrill Lynch tried for several months to expose the risks of investments in subprime mortgages, but he couldn’t get anyone to pay attention to his claims. How would you evaluate this employee’s power? What might he have done to increase his power and call notice to the impending problems at the firm?






week 8


Integrative Case II: It Isn’t So Simple


Integrative Case Analysis Assignment II:  Please place in the Dropbox




·         Read the integrative case:  It Isn’t So Simple: Infrastructure Change at Royce Consulting starting on page 574 in your text.




·         After reading the case study answer the following questions:




Why do the managers at Royce oppose the “hoteling” cocept even though it is financially the superior system?


How does the organizational culture affect this situation and this decision?


If the partners go ahead with the plan, what would you predict will be the outcome?


Based on your analysis what recommendations would you give to the partners?


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