Take two publically traded companies in the same industry, multinational corporations (MNC’s) including the industry. Review aspects of the companies and industry historically, currently and also your projection going forward a year. Analyze the companies and industry from the perspective of risks and topics that we discuss in the course. This can include but not limited to interest rates, credit market, liquidity, global, futures and options and other types of risks relevant to your companies and industry. You should include stock prices and performance going back up to 5 years to current. How and what markets are risky to the companies and industry and why? Determine the performance of the companies and industry compared to market averages. The risks and analysis of the paper should be your companies and industry specific. Try to keep the research of the paper as current as you can, including current events that are happening and related to your topics. You can be creative with your paper. Textbook chapters and the syllabus are a good reference place for you to include additional content and material.

This instructor approved assignment and the paper’s length should be based on the following rule of thumb. As a guide the length of the paper should be at least 15-20 pages, 12-point font, double-spaced, which include footnotes, appendices and references

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