1. The assignment of a score of 1 to male students and a score of 2 to female students is an example of a(n)

2. The mean and the ___________ , taken together, give a good description of the nature of the group being studied.

3. The level of significance that is selected prior to data collection for accepting or rejecting a null hypothesis is called

4. In general, research articles

5. A presentation of the use of appropriate statistical techniques in a correct fashion should be included in the ___________ section of a research report.

6. In a preliminary source such as Education Abstracts, the collection of records is called a

7. In educational research, the review of the literature should concentrate on presenting information from
___________ sources.

8. One way to increase statistical power is to

9. A thorough reveiw of the literature may take up to

10. In a search for documents relevant to one’s research topic, the keyword followed by an asterick will most likely _______ the number of retrieved records.

11. An advantage of theory-based research is that it

12. When we plan a research project, we decide on the level of statistical significance we will use to reject the null hypothesis. This level is called the

13. A drawback of using secondary sources in reviews of the research literature is that

14. Test reliability refers to the ________ of test scores

15. If a score distribution forms a normal curve,

16. Skewness means that

17. “There is no relationship between parental use of corporal punishment and the level of school misbehavior of third grade students.” This is an example of a

18. Compared with the use of a p value of .05, use of a p value of .01

19. A pilot study of a proposed research study is desirable because

20. Statistical power is

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