You are working for a company that does applied engineering related to manufacturing. Your boss has seen a recent request for proposal (RFP), and wants you to respond with a Phase 1 submission since you are an expert in manufacturing and materials. The RFP states: OBJECTIVE: Optimize a part and develop an optimization process/program. This project will investigate materials and manufacturing methods to reduce the cost yet maintain the relevant performance requirements for an existing part. The Armored Multi-Purpose Vehicle (AMPV) armor support ring will serve as a proof of concept.

DESCRIPTION: The armor support ring for the AMPV is machined from a billet of titanium (1). Material losses alone make this a highly inefficient: titanium for defense OEM use is about $20/pound. At a diameter of 45 inches, there is far more material lost to the machine shop floor than there is in the final part. Further, machining titanium is not cheap due to how comparatively expensive the tools are, the shorter tool life, and the fact that titanium work hardens; this amounts to about 4x the cost to machine steel. There have been significant advances in manufacturing processes and materials development, as well as innovative applications which combine the two. As an example of the type of changes that could be made consider the report: “Metals Materials Engineering in Tank-Automotive Equipment” (2) which considered weight focused replacements for the M60. This project will investigate the most efficient combination of material substitution and/or innovative uses of modern manufacturing processes.

The Materials that I am looking for is : Magnesium allonys

looking to investigate about cost, strength, Hardness, ductility for the Material and costs, Techniques, tool life lead times things like that for machining.

also, Include a figure or two showing something like how the material compares and how Manufacturing process.

looking for 300-500 words

PHASE I: Investigate the feasibility and cost effectiveness of various manufacturing processes and materials options to the current design with the DLA target of 10 to 1 cost reduction as an objective. Define and execute a modeling and simulation test plan that will inform the decision to switch to a new material and/or manufacturing process as well as the associated business case to do so. The best value of material/process/time is the objective. A program such as the PRedictive Integrated Structural Materials Science (PRISMS) (3) may be used a reference/starting point.

Reference is important!!

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