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emember, however, to think rhetorically. Essays that sound too formulaic might be unappealing to evaluation committees.


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Research the statement of purpose or personal narrative expectations in your field or a job that you want to get.

1) Identify a particular graduate/professional program or scholarship organization in which you are interested in OR an internship or job.

2) Visit the website of the job or the institution AND the particular program in which you are interested (for example, Stanford University AND The Stanford Graduate Engineering Program in Aeronautics and Astronautics). After researching the institution and program, write a few paragraphs (approx. 100 words) in which you summarize and reflect on your findings. Below, you’ll find questions that will help get you started (you do not need to answer all of them, but focusing on at least a few of them will help. Be sure to include the name of the institution/program and the relevant websites you visited in your post.

What are the values of the institution/program? (A mission statement is a good place to look for these.)

What kind of research/study/professional preparation to they specialize in?

What sets them apart from similar programs?

Who is involved in the program/organization (e.g. faculty, graduate students, board members) and what types of work do they specialize in?

How does the program describe its requirements for the statement of purpose/personal statement? Do they provide a specific prompt? What is it?

Based on your research, how do you see yourself contributing to the program/institution?


Write your central idea statement for the statement of purpose. This is something like a thesis statement. It should be a direct response to the question, “for what reasons are you the best candidate for this program?”

Next, post one evidence paragraph from your statement of purpose. This paragraph (like all the evidence paragraphs in your statement) should support some aspect of your central idea statement with at least one specific, relevant, and timely example.

Grading Criteria:

A –The author identifies a mutually beneficial relationship with a specific audience. The personal narrative demonstrates the author’s unique achievements and/or engaging aspirations. The writing structure and performance is memorable, clear, and concise. The author uses precise vocabulary, a direct narrative, and appropriate tone. The author completes all aspects, drafts and components of the assignment.

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