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COURSE NAME McAfee CGS 1000 Fall 2019 | Section 27479START DATE07/31/1912:00 AMUS/EasternDUE DATE11/30/1911:30 PMUS/EasternEND DATE11/30/1911:30 PMUS/Eastern

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In this project, you will modify a research paper. You will add and format text and format the document using themes and paragraph formatting. You will use the Find and Replace command to correct errors in the document. You will add and format a table, as well as insert, resize, and move an image. A table of contents based on the headings in the document will be added to the beginning of the document. You will insert a footnote. Adding citations is an important part of writing a research paper. You will add a citation using an existing source, add a new source, and create bibliography for the paper. Finally, you will check the research paper for spelling and grammar errors and confirm the paper has the correct number of words for the assignment.

Skills needed to complete this project:

  • Accept and reject changes in a document
  • Turn off Track Changes
  • Enter text
  • Apply document themes
  • Apply style sets
  • Select text
  • Use quick styles
  • Use character formatting (underline and bold)
  • Change fonts
  • Change font sizes
  • Change paragraph alignment
  • Change line spacing
  • Find text
  • Replace text
  • Use AutoCorrect
  • Create a numbered list
  • Create a bulleted list
  • Use the Thesaurus
  • Creating a table
  • Enter text in a table
  • Apply a Quick Style to a table
  • Cut and paste a paragraph of text
  • Add an icon
  • Add Alt text to a picture
  • Resize a picture
  • Change the layout for a picture
  • Move a picture
  • Change the file properties
  • Add a header
  • Add an automatic date stamp
  • Display a different header on the first page of the document
  • Insert page numbers
  • Insert a table of contents
  • Reveal formatting marks
  • Insert a footnote
  • Add citations to a document
  • Select a reference style
  • Insert a page breaks
  • Creating a bibliography
  • Accept and reject changes in a document
  • Check for spelling errors
  • Check for grammar errors
  • Use word count to verify the number of words in a document
  1. Open the start file WD2019-Capstone-Level3 document. If the document opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button in the Message Bar at the top of the document so you can modify it.
  2. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
  3. Review the document from the beginning and make the following changes:
    1. Accept the deletion of Antisocial Personality Disorder and accept the insertion of ASPD.
    2. Accept the insertion of the S.
    3. Reject the deletion of the & and reject the insertion of the word AND.
    4. Turn off Track Changes.IMPORTANT: Be sure that you have turned off Track Changes. If the tracked changes remain in the document, your file WILL NOTgrade correctly.
  4. Place the cursor at the beginning of the document.
    1. Type Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) and press Enter.
    2. Type Introduction and press Enter.
  5. Apply the Retrospect theme to the document.
  6. Apply the Basic (Simple) style set to the document.
  7. Select Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) on the first line of the document and apply the Title style to the text.
  8. Select Introduction on the second line of the document and apply the Heading 1 style to the text.
  9. Apply the Heading 1 style to each of the main headings in the document:
    • Psychopathy & Sociopathy
    • Subtypes
    • Differences
    • Etiology
    • Gender Gap
    • Hypothetical Conceptualization
    • Conclusion
  10. Apply the Heading 2 style to following subheading:
    • Psychodynamic
    • Cognitive-Behavioral
    • Biological Theories
  11. In the fourth paragraph of the document, underline the text three other criteria.
  12. Navigate to the Subtypes section of the document. You will be applying bold formatting to each of the subtypes listed. Be sure not to bold the dash following each word. When you are done, you will have bolded five words.
    1. Select Coveteus at the beginning of the second paragraph under Subtypes and bold the word.
    2. Apply bold formatting to Nomadic at the beginning of the third paragraph.
    3. Apply bold formatting to Malevolent at the beginning of the fourth paragraph.
    4. Apply bold formatting to Risk-taking at the beginning of the fifth paragraph.
    5. Apply bold formatting to Reputation-defending at the beginning of the sixth paragraph.
  13. Navigate to the beginning of the document and select the title. Change the font to Calibri and the font size to 26 pt.
  14. Center-align the title of the document.
  15. Press Ctrl + A to select the entire document. Change the line spacing in the document to 1.15 spacing.
  16. Use the Find command to highlight all instances of APD in the document.
  17. Use the Replace command to replace all instances of APD with ASPD. You will have four replacements when you are done.
  18. Open the AutoCorrect dialog and create a new entry that will replace APD with ASPD when the incorrect acronym is typed.
  19. Navigate to the first paragraph in the document. After Antisocial Personality Disorder in the first sentence, type a space followed by (APD) to see Word correct the mistake. Be sure to type the text before the comma.
  20. In the Introduction section, select the three paragraphs below the text In order to qualify for the diagnosis three other criteria must be met:. Apply the 1), 2), 3) numbered list style to the text.
  21. Navigate to the Subtypes section of the document. Select the five paragraphs listing the subtypes. Apply open circle bullet style to the text.
  22. Find the word mostly in the first paragraph of the document. Use the Thesaurus to replace the word with frequently.
  23. Find the word difficult in the first paragraph under the Etiology section. Use the Thesaurus to replace the word with problematic.
  24. Place the cursor in the blank line above the Etiology heading. Insert a table with three rows and three columns.
  25. Enter the following text in the table:
    AntisocialNarcissisticHistrionicShortage of remorseShortage of empathyExhibits quickly shifting and narrow expression of emotion DishonestExploits others
  26. Filter the Table Styles gallery to show Quick Styles with Header Row only. Apply the Grid Table 1 Light – Accent 4 Quick Style to the table. It is the fifth style in the Grid section of the gallery.
  27. Navigate to the Cognitive-Behavioral section of the document. Select the second paragraph under Cognitive-BehavioralCut the paragraph. Place the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph in the section. Press Enter and paste the cut paragraph. If necessary, delete any extra blank lines in the Cognitive-Behavioral section.
  28. Place the cursor at the beginning of the first paragraph under Biological Theories. Insert the icon of the brain in a head. It is the second option in the Medical category.
  29. Apply the Colored Fill – Accent 6, No Outline quick style to the icon.
  30. Add the alt text Illustration of brain in a head to the icon.
  31. Change the icon so the width and height are 1.5 inches.
  32. Change the layout options for the icon to use the Square wrapping option.
  33. Move the icon so it appears to the right of the first paragraph under Biological Theories. Use the alignment guides to ensure the top of the icon aligns with the top of the first paragraph and the right side of the icon aligns with the right side of the paragraph.
  34. Display the Info page in Backstage view and add Antisocial Personality Disorder (ASPD) as the title for the document.
  35. Insert a header using the Blank (Three columns) format. Click the first [Type here] placeholder on the left and insert the Document TitleDocument Property. Delete the middle [Type here] placeholder.
  36. In the header, delete the [Type here] placeholder at the right margin and add an automatic date stamp in its place using the MM/DD/YYYYformat. Be sure the date will update automatically.
  37. Add a page number to the bottom of the page using the Plain Number 3 format.
  38. Change the document so the header text and page number do not appear on the first page, but still appear on all other pages.
  39. Navigate to the beginning of the document. Place the cursor at the end of the title (after (ASPD)). Insert a table of contents using the Automatic Table 1 format.
  40. Turn on paragraph marks and delete the extra blank line with the Title format style. Turn off paragraph marks.
  41. Place the cursor at the end of the third sentence in the second paragraph under the Psychodynamic heading (after the words is in treatment voluntarily.). Insert a footnote that reads Persons getting therapy by the order of the court system have little incentive to change.
  42. Now you will be adding citations to the research paper. First you will insert a citation to a source that has already been entered. Navigate to the second paragraph in the Gender Gap section. Place the cursor before the period at the end of the last sentence in the paragraph and press the spacebar one time. Insert a citation for the Duggan, C., Howard, R., and Khalifa, N., et al. source.
  43. Now you will create and insert a source yourself. Navigate to the Psychodynamic section. Place the cursor before the period at the end of the first sentence in the second paragraph of the section (after largely ineffective). Press the spacebar one time. Open the Create Source dialog and add the following source:
    Type of Source: Journal Article
    Author: M. Gibson
    Title: New Therapies: Treatment of Psychopathy
    Journal Name: Sociological Journal
    Year: 2019
    Pages: 325-338
  44. Change the reference style for the document to use the APA style.
  45. Navigate to the end of the document and place the cursor at the end of the last paragraph. Insert a page break.
  46. Add a bibliography using the References style.
  47. Now you will check the document for spelling and grammar errors. Navigate to the beginning of the document and start the Spelling & Grammar checker. IMPORTANT: The following instruction are based on the default Word Option settings for Proofing. For grading in SIMnet, if the spelling or grammar errors are not flagged in your version of Microsoft Word and the instruction specifies “Change”, make the correction in the text of the document. If a spelling or grammar error is flagged in your version of Microsoft Word and it is not listed below, click Ignore Once to move to the next error.
    Do the following:

    1. Ignore the grammar error found on the word disregard.
    2. Change the misspelling of behavoral to behavioral.
    3. Ignore the clarity and conciseness suggestion on the phrase In order to.
    4. Change the misspelling diorder to disorder.
    5. Ignore the grammar error on the phrase This individual feels.
    6. Ignore the grammar error on the phrase this individual acts.
    7. Accept the grammar suggestion of changing risk taking to risk-taking.
    8. Change the misspelling anatamy to anatomy.
    9. Change the misspelling diparity to disparity.
    10. Change the phrase due to the fact that to because from the list of suggestions for clarity and conciseness.
  48. The research paper needs to be a minimum of 2500 words. Use theWord Count dialog to confirm the paper meets this requirement.
  49. Save and close the document.
  50. Upload and save your project file.
  51. Submit project for grading
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